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[Supergirl] 217 • Distant Sun
[OUAT] 616 • Mother's Little Helper
[OUAT] 615 • A Wondrous Place
[OUAT] 614 • Page 23
[OUAT] 613 • Ill-Boding Patterns
[OUAT] Recap • 612 Murder Most Foul
[OUAT] Recap • 611 Tougher Than the Rest
[OUAT] Recap • 610 Wish You Were Here
Grimm Recap 610 • Blood Magic
Grimm Recap 609 • Tree People
Grimm Recap 608 • Son Also Rises
[Arrow] Recap • 515 Fighting Fire w/ Fire
[Arrow] Recap • 514 Sin-Eater
[Arrow] Recap • 513 Spectre of the Gun
[Flash] Recap • 315 Wrath of Savitar
[Flash] Recap • 314 Attack on Central City
[Flash] Recap • 313 Attack on Gorilla City
[Flash] Recap • 312 Dead or Alive
[Flash] 3x17 'Duet' Sneak Peek
[Arrow] 518 • Disbanded
[Arrow] 517 • Kapiushon
 Abe Lincoln; Vamp Killer
 After Earth
 Amazing Spider-Man
 Amazing Spider-Man 2
 Angels & Demonsn
 Avengers: Age of Ultron
 Box, The
 Capt America Winter Soldier
 Cirque Du Soleil
 Clash of The Titans
 Conjuring, The
 Crimson Peak
 Dark Knight Rises
 Dark Skies
 Dark Shadows
 Dawn of Planet Apes
 The Diabolical
 Dracula Untold
 Europa Report
 Evil Dead
 Fantastic Beasts...
 Final Destination/a>
 Final Girls
 Green Hornet
 HP: Deathly Hallows 2
 Hansel & Gretel
 The Hobbit
 Host, The
 Hunger Games
 Hunger Games/Catching Fire
 John Dies at The End
 I am Number Four
 Insidious Chapter 2
 Iron Man 2
 Iron Man 3
 Last Exorcismx
 The Last Witch Hunter
 Let Me In
 Mad Max Road Fury
 The Martian
 Maze Runner: Scorch Trials
 Monsters, Inc 3D
 Monsters University
 Monsters vs. Aliens
 Mortal Instruments-City Bones
 My Soul To Takex
 Odd Life Timothy Green
 Oz The Great and Powerful
  Piranha 3D
 Paranormal Activity
 Paranormal Activity 2
 Paranormal Activity 3
 Paranormal Activity 4
 Paranormal Activity 5 Ghost Dimension
 Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
 Planet 51
 Pirates of Caribbean OST
 Possession, The
 Nightmare on Elmstreet
 Resident Evil: Afterlife
 Resident Evil: Retribution
 Riddick: Rule The Dark
 Saw 3D
 Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse
 Sherlock Holmes
 Sherlock Holmes GOS
 Shrek The Fourth
 Silent Hill: Revelation
 Star Trek
 Star Trek Into Darkness
 Star Wars: The Force Awakens
 Sucker Punch
 Terminator Salvation
 Texas Chainsaw 3D
 The Wolverine
 Time Traveler's Wife
 Thor: The Dark World
 Total Recall
 Toy Story 3
 Transformers 4
 Tron Legacy
 Twilight: Eclipse
 Twilight: New Moon
 Twilight reaking Dawn, Pt 2
 Vampire's Assistant
 The Visit
 Warm Bodies
 Wolfman, The
 Woman In Black
 Wonder Woman
 World War Z
 X-Men Origins: Wolverine